Thoughtful Winemaking

We vinify nuanced wines in a classical style, for enjoyment and pairing with food. Each bottling is an earnest reflection of the grape variety, harvest year, and terroir, with intentional, judicious cooperage selection. Our Milea Estate Vineyard label showcases the best of our old world winemaking, while our Papa Joe bottlings are delicious drink-now blends meant for everyday enjoyment.

Featured Wines

Celebrating Hudson Valley Heritage

Milea Estate Vineyard is proud to promote heirloom grape cultivars bred in centuries past through our rare Hudson Valley Heritage Wines. Read more about the Heritage Grape Project, a living vine library, and the wines we make from these rare and historic varieties. 

Craft Distilling

The East and West Coasts agree: Our artisan 10 Point Gin is the best in the U.S.! It has garnered gold medals in both the New York and Denver International Spirits Competitions. In the tradition of Italian Grappa, we distill the pomace (skins, seeds and stems) after pressing our grapes to make wine. To this neutral spirit, we add an array of aromatic botanicals, then distill it a second time. Finally, we finish our Gin in neutral Chardonnay barrels, making for a delicate golden color and a silky texture on the palate. Production is extremely limited, so contact us about availability.