February 10: Uncork & Unwind with Mat Pilates

Welcome to the harmonious blend of wellness and nature, where the art of Pilates meets the serenity of a vineyard. Nestled amidst rolling vineyards and the soothing sounds of rustling leaves, our Pilates sessions offer a unique fusion of fitness and tranquility. Imagine finding your center as you stretch and strengthen, surrounded by the picturesque beauty of grapevines and the crisp, invigorating air. Join us for a rejuvenating experience that combines the mindful movements of Pilates with the soul-soothing ambiance of a vineyard – a truly holistic journey for both body and spirit. Embrace the synergy of wellness and wine in this enchanting fusion at the heart of nature’s sanctuary.

Class Description

Join our first Mat Pilates class for a full-body workout. It’s designed for toning, strengthening, and finding your proper alignment! This flow will target your whole body, from your limbs to your glutes to support your back. In this February class, exercises start gently and are explained in detail so that you’ll have a solid understanding of the theme and goal for the class. The pace and intensity will gradually increase, and in this class, we’ll add extra love and attention to core strength. (The class might shift around once the instructor gets to know everyone in the class)

Please email Soyoung (hello@soyoungpilates.com) ahead of time if you have any physical condition that you want to let her know. Let’s walk out with feeling of taller and opened-up to sip some exquisite wine.

*Please bring your own yoga mat

About Soyoung

Soyoung opened her reformer-based pilates studio, So Young Pilates, in Pleasant Valley in 2023, passionately brining the Pilates spirit and her knowledge to the Hudson Valley community. She loves Pilates because it’s a fun workout and it gets results. Soyoung extensively trained in contemporary Pilates in South Korea; after that, she continued to learn through classical Pilates and extended her knowledge to help people with neurological conditions through Neuro Studio. Blending all the styles, her class is informative, emphasizes detailed intentional movement, challenges the body with a fun twist, and aids in proper alignment. She moved up to Hudson Valley from Brooklyn and loved gardening, which still needs improvement—a LOT of it.

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